Volunteer Opportunities

Want to learn how you can help? Takara Hospice has numerous volunteer opportunities for Ultimate Givers – our team of volunteers who dedicate their time to enriching the lives of hospice patients.

Takara volunteer opportunities

Takara Hospice’s Ultimate Givers are a vital part of our team. All duties of hospice volunteers benefit patients and families, directly or indirectly, through:
  • Patient Care – Provide companionship to patients and families at their place of residence.  
  • Office Support – Assist with routine office duties to enhance the sources provided by hospice.
  • Bereavement Support – May attend funerals, memorial services or visitation. Assist Bereavement Coordinator in maintaining grief follow up services.
  • Special Projects –In addition to essential hospice volunteer work like companionship and bereavement support, volunteers also assist with coordinating special projects .
  • Memory Bears Program. Honor the life of a loved one with our memory bear program. Our amazing volunteers will capture the essence of your loved one by incorporating their memory along with some of their clothing into a memory bear that served a comforting reminder of your loved one.
  • Gift of Blessings & Gratitude. Life Journals are created for our patients to leave as a legacy to their family and loved ones. We help patients document their blessings and gratitude by passing on their life experiences and advice.

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